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I started out in security and then merged into law enforcement for the next 23 years.  I am also a certified Armorer and Gunsmith.  With the love of both fields of expertise, I was urged to offer classes to teach others how to properly shoot and maintain a firearm.
I provide professional, firearms training in a safe environment. This is a hands on shooting pistol course. I usually offer three Illinois concealed training classes a month.  I also teach Basic Pistol, Learn Your New Gun, Youth Firearms Safety and an Advance Gun Handling Coures. 
New class offered the Summer of 2018. Countering a Mass Shooter Threat.  This will be open to the public, but the Bullet Stop Gun Shop will be offering this class to churches and business in the area. 
I am a member of the NRA business alliance, a Executive Member of Front Sight, an NRA Benefactor Life Member, a Certified Instructor of the United States Concealed Carry Association, a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, NRA Range Safety Officer and a NRA recruiter.    Contact me if you want a reduced price for your NRA membership or renewal.

My classes offer certified pistol training at a reasonable price. The illinois concealed carry training meets or exceeds many states qualifications to acquire a concealed carry license in other states.

I also conduct Utah Concealed Carry Class which qualifies for the Utah and Florida Non-resident permit and the Wisconsin residents permit.   The Utah permit allows you to carry concealed in over 30 states.   You can host that class and I can conduct it in your home or business.


I am also certified to teach Front Sight Institue Basic Firearms Training.   Contact Frontsight.com to sign up for their classes or for more information.


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