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Illinois is not recognizing permits from other states.    Only 25 states are are going to recognize Illinois permit.  For that reason Illinois permit may not be recognized by other states.    You will need another states permit when you travel.    The Illinois permit will cost residents $150.00 and non-residents $300.00



NRA Training & Concealed Carry Training in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin, based in Machesney Park, Illinois

Learn how to safely handle and shoot a handgun today in a safe environment. Dfirearms Training offers NRA Basic Pistol Training and United States Concealed Carry Association Training in addition to Illinois, Utah, Wisconsin, Arizona and Florida Concealed Carry Training.

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Utah concealed firearm permit info link

Florida reciprocity link

Wisconsin Dept of Justice  has approved the Utah permit but NOT the Florida permit for carry in Wisconsin for out of state residents.  With our 4 hour ccw class Wisconsin residents can apply for any or all three of either the Wisconsin, Utah, and Florida concealed firearm permits. A Wisconsin certificate of training will be provided to send in with your Wisconsin ccw applicatoin. Illinois residents can apply for the Utah and/or Florida permits..  Wisconsin residents will need a Wisconsin CCW and the Utah concealed firearm permit is IDEAL for out of state firearm carry for Wisconsin residents in states which currently do NOT honor Florida or Wisconsin permits. Carry in over 30 states with the Utah or Florida permits. Illinois residents can carry now in Wisconsin  with the Illinois and Utah permits.  Apply for any one or all three concealed carry permits with one class!    
Our Utah Concealed Carry Class is non-shooting and can be held in your home or business. 
The class meets the requirements for Utah, Wisconsin and Florida carry permits.
Host a Concealed Carry Class in your home or business and get the class FREE for yourself.  
You bring in four paying students and you get the class for free.   
If you have eight paying students and you will recieve two free spots in the class.
Go to the contact page and e-mail or call me to get the ball rolling.

 2018 Traveler's Guide to Concealed Carry laws in the 50 states available NOW.





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